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Fred Hemmes Jr.
Did you know?

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Facts you maybe didn't know...

  • Fred's father Fred sr was the Dutch Fed-cup team coach and he also was a member of the Dutch Davis Cup team for 12 years.
  • Fred sr used to coach his son.
  • When he was younger Fred admired Pete Sampras and Richard Krajicek.
  • Fred was called "Tennis Idol in the making" by dutch Tennis Magazine...
  • Fred's mother and two sisters also play a little bit of tennis and both Fred's father and his grandfather have won tournaments in Holland.
  • Fred plays in the Dutch national league with his tennis club Hilverheide. This team also includes Roland Garros 2003 runner-up Martin Verkerk.
  • Fred also plays in the German tennis league for a club called TC Blau-Weiss-Neuss (he joined in 2001) and the 2004 team also includes Thierry Anscione and Frederico Browne